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Get BioRym for iPhone from the Apple App Store
Get BioRym for iPad from the Apple App Store

BioRym is a Bio Rhythm calculator, this app is intended for entertainment purposes only!

Every effort has been made to make the calculations and graphs as accurate as possible. We assume you know what Bio Rhythms are, their origins and theory. If you want to learn more about Bio Rhythms search the internet, there is a lot out there on the subject. Use this application for fun and entertainment. Not responsible for any decisions or outcomes made from this theoretical data.

BioRym for iPhone

BioRym for iPhone is the Primary Bio Rhythm analysis for One Person at a time. You can save entries once graphed to store values for multiple people.

This is a Free Application but there are Ads.

For a detailed display of all 10 Bio Rhythms and a "Compatibility" comparison of Two People's Primary Rhythms with no ads, purchase the iPad version.

This application is designed for the iPhone and runs well on the iPhone 5 or later. Does not display the complete Target Date field on the iPhone 4a but it does work and allows Target Date modification.

BioRym for iPad

BioRym for iPad is a complete Bio Rhythm calculator. All 10 Bio Rhythms are calculated. Two people can be compared for compatibility.

Primary Rhythms

Physical (23 day cycle)
Emotional (28 day cycle)
Emotional (28 day cycle)

Secondary Rhythms
Passion (average of Physical and Emotional)
Wisdom (average of Emotional and Intellectual)
Mastery (average of Physical and Intellectual)

Additional Rhythms
Spiritual (53 day cycle)
Awareness (48 day cycle)
Aesthetic (43 day cycle)
Intuition (38 day cycle)

There is no definitive formula for compatibility. Compatibility formulas used in this application use a phase difference method. If both rhythms are in sync they are considered to be 100% compatible. if they are exactly the opposite they will be 100% out of sync or 0% compatible at times and as they cross the X Axis they are 100% in sync although trending in different directions. Overall displays uses averages of the primary compatibilities.

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